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Salvador da Bahia and the Recôncavo

Dannemann Cigar factory Handicraft - Salvador Lacerda Elevator - Salvador Church of Bonfim - Salvador Church of Bonfim - Salvador Salvador da Bahia

Salvador da Bahia is without any doubt a Northeast must-see. The capital of the Bahia state is situated in the Bay of All Saints (name given by Gaspar de Lemos, first European man to set foot on its coast in November the 1st of 1501, the Day of All the Saints). Its harbor received ships from Europe for settlement purposes and slave ships from Africa. Chosen to be Brazil first capital in 1763, Salvador is nowadays the third biggest city in Brazil. Salvador is proud of its Afro-Brazilian roots, which inspired traditional dishes, Brazilian capoeira and Candomblé (religion which mixes African animism and Catholicism). The city is also an open air museum. Wandering around the Pelourinho square, admiring the famous Lacerda elevator from the “low city” or visiting one of its 365 churches, you will feel the magic of the so-called “Black Rome”. Two hours from Salvador, the São Felix and Cachoeira villages offer a certain inland charm. You can spend the day in these peaceful and traditional villages and visit the old Dannemann cigar factory.


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