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Brazilian Portuguese lexicon for travellers

The official language in Brazil is Portuguese. See below some expression that could be useful.


Greetings etc...

  • Good morning – Bom dia
  • Good afternoon – Boa tarde
  • Good evening – Boa noite
  • Hi – Oi / Olá
  • Bye – Tchau
  • Nice to meet you - Prazer
  • Thank you – Obrigada (if you are a woman) / Obrigado (if you are a man)
  • Please – Por favor
  • Sorry – Desculpa
  • How much is it? – Quanto custa?


At the restaurant

  • Where are the toilets? – O banheiro por favor?
  • The bill please – A conta por favor
  • Lunch – Almoço
  • Diner – Jantar
  • Menu – Cardápio


You will be introduced to 3 Brazilian traditional restaurants:

  • The churrascarias: these are restaurants specializing in meat.
  • The per kilo self-service restaurants: where you pay in function of the weight of your meal.
  • The rodízios: all-you-can-eat restaurants specializing in pizzas, pastas or meat. The waiter passes near each table to serve the food.


The budget for a meal in Northeast Brazil is about of 50 reais per person.


At the hotel

  • Single room – Quarto single
  • Double room – Quarto duplo
  • Towel – toalha de banho
  • Breakfast – Café da manhã


At the airport

  • Airport – Aeroporto
  • Plane ticket – Cartão de embarque
  • Passport – Passaporte
  • Money – Dinheiro
  • Lugage – Mala(s)

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