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Passport, money and safety


Passport and visa

To travel to Brazil you will need a passport valid 6 months minimum after your arrival date. You will be granted a 3 months tourist visa as you arrive in Brazil. For citizens of certain countries (USA, Canada, Australia…), you will need to apply for a visa before the trip. You will be given an immigration card with your arrival date. Do not lose this card, you will be asked for it at the airport at the end of your stay.


Cash and money exchange

We advise you to withdraw enough cash to cover your expenses during your stay. Away from big cities cash withdrawers can be had to find. If you wish to withdraw money, we advise you to look for Banco do Brazil or Itaú banks, you will identify by their logos below:


Regarding money exchange (câmbio, in Portuguese), you will be able to find exchange agencies at the airport and in big cities touristic areas.

Try as much as you can to pay souvenirs and snacks with small bills. For instance, if you try to pay a 2 reais (R$) item with a 50 reais bill, the storekeeper might not have change.



During your stay, you will be almost always accompanied by a trustworthy guide or driver. You shouldn’t face any problem during your trip, if you take the usual necessary precautions you will take in every big city. We advise you to:

  • Carry a copy of you ID, and keep the original as well as your valuables inside the hotel safe.
  • Do not carry big amounts of money.
  • Do not let your luggage and purse without supervision.
  • Do not walk at night in poorly illuminated streets.


Medical advice

In Brazil, there are drugstores everywhere and for many medicines you will not need a prescription. But if you wish to bring with you a few basic drugstore items, here are some suggestions:

  • your usual medicines (take your prescription with you)
  • paracetamol for headaches and pain
  • anti-diarrhoeal and intestinal antiseptic drugs
  • antihistamine drug against allergies, hitching and insect bites
  • mosquito repellent
  • antiseptic
  • burn cream
  • sunscreen.


Recommended vaccines

  • DPT
  • typhoid
  • hepatitis A and B
  • yellow fever: especially in North (Amazonian states) and Northeast Brazil. Theoretically, an international vaccination record certifying that you are vaccinated against the yellow fever is compulsory. You will need it if you enter Brazil from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and French Guyana.

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