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The rainforest and Northeast Brazil must-sees

Learn more about the Afro Brazilian cultural heritage of Salvador da Bahia, swim with the mythical pink dolphins and taste the peacefulness of the Amazon rainforest, and go through a road trip between the Lençóis Maranhenses Park and Jericoacoara. The ideal balance between culture and nature!



  • Day 1: Salvador
  • Day 2: Salvador
  • Day 3: Salvador
  • Day 4: Salvador
  • Day 5: Salvador - Manaus
  • Day 6: Manaus
  • Day 7: Manaus
  • Day 8: Manaus - São Luís
  • Day 9: São Luís - Barreirinhas - Atins - Barreirinhas
  • Day 10: Atins
  • Day 11: Atins
  • Day 12: Atins - Delta of Parnaíba
  • Day 13: Delta of Parnaíba
  • Day 14: Delta of Parnaíba - Jericoacoara
  • Day 15: Jericoacoara
  • Day 16: Jericoacoara
  • Day 17: Jericoacoara - Fortaleza


Day 1: Salvador

Your English-speaking guide and a driver will be waiting for you as you get off the plane to drive you to your hotel in downtown Salvador.

n.b. : 45 minutes’ drive
Included : english speaking guide, transfer arrival

Day 2: Salvador

After your breakfast, your English-speaking guide will come to pick you up at the hotel lobby to visit the so called “Black Rome”, nicknamed like so because of the African culture influences on its traditions.
Your will start your city tour by the Ordem Terceira de São Francisco church, that has been built in the XVIIIth century.
You will then walk through the famous Pelourinho square, surrounded by colorful Portuguese colonial mansions.
You will go up the Ladeira do Carmo street to reach Santo Antonio neighborhood, and go through the Terreiro de Jesus square to the huge Art deco style Lacerda elevator. Don't resist the temptation of a refreshing “picolé” (ice cream)!
The second part of this tour will be dedicated to the “low city” at the foot of the elevator. The first thing you will see is the Mercado Modelo, a neoclassic building which was used to receive the slaves arriving from Africa. It burnt to the ground in 1986 and has then become a handicraft market.
You will finish this tour by the Bonfim church, see its railings embellished by rainbow-colored ribbons called “fitas” and enter the Miracle Room, where people bring ex-voto hoping to heal wounded family members and friends.
In the evening, your driver will bring you back to the hotel.
Included : english speaking guide, entrance fees, excursion (private)

Day 3: Salvador

Your English-speaking guide will come to pick you up for a sightseeing focusing on Candomblé. Candomblé is an Afro Brazilian religion which emerged in Salvador da Bahia.
You will first visit the Afro museum before entering a mysterious Candomblé place of worship: the Terreiro da Casa Branca. Then you will go to the Pierre Verger foundation, in tribute to the well-known anthropologist who studied the religious syncretism in Bahia.
The tour will end at the Pelourinho square where your guide will teach you a bit of Salvador and its fascinating history.
In the evening, your English-speaking guide will come to pick you up at the hotel to go to the Miguel Santana Theatre. You will watch the magnificent folkloric ballet of Bahia perform songs and dances about Afro Brazilian divinities worshiped in Salvador.
After the show, you will go to a restaurant taste Bahia traditional dishes.
You will go back to your hotel at the end of the night.
Included : english speaking guide, entrance fees, private transport, dinner (no drinks)

Day 4: Salvador

Free day in Salvador da Bahia: you will have time to walk through Salvador cobbled streets, eat a good "acarajé" (beans and shrimps made traditional dish) on the Porto da Barra beach, and buy some souvenirs.

Day 5: Salvador - Manaus

Three hours before your flight, your English-speaking guide and a driver will pick you up at the hotel lobby to bring you to Salvador airport.

Your driver will come to pick you up at Manaus airport to bring you to your hotel.
Your English-speaking guide will pick you up at the hotel for a half-day city tour.
The Amazon State capital could be a common city if it wasn’t situated in the heart of the rainforest: its air is saturated with humidity and the huge Rio Negro (river) is impressive wheather it is seen from the Ponta Negra beach or from the floating harbor. A few kilometers ahead, the Rio Negro joins the Rio Solimões to form the Amazon River, before it becomes one with the Atlantic Ocean.
The first stop will be the Amazon Theatre (closed on Mondays), on the ceiling of which you will see the Eiffel Tower viewed from the ground.
Then, you will reach the floating harbor designed by English engineers at the beginning of the XXth century: a real technological achievement at the time.
Finally, the guide will bring you to the market, where you could be tempted to go back by yourself in the morning, to witness the dockers discharging fruits, vegetables and especially huge fishes.
Return to the hotel after the city tour.
Included : transfer departure, private transport, english speaking guide, entrance fees, excursion (private)

Day 6: Manaus

Departure from Manaus early in the morning. Before heading to the lodge, the boat will stop at the magnificent Meeting of the Waters, where the muddy waters of the Rio Solimões meet the black waters of the Rio Negro. At this crucial junction point, the two rivers run side by side for several kilometers without actually mixing, ultimately joining to form the great Amazon River.

After lunch, you will leave the lodge for the canoeing activity on the river. You will be amazed by canals and the flooded forest. During the excursion, you will be encouraged to swim and may encounter some of the river’s most majestic creatures: pink dolphins.

After sunset, you will depart on an expedition to observe frogs, birds and most importantly, caymans. The guide will use his flashlight to help spot caimans. This light, allows seeing the cayman’s eyes, which reflects a bright dot. The guide is then able to bring the cayman aboard for participants to see. Afterwards, the cayman is returned to the river, unharmed.

Night at the Juma Lodge.
Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), excursion (shared), local english-speaking guide

Day 7: Manaus

Early in the morning you will leave for a sunrise excursion to observe the acute and mesmerizing change in the sky’s color and the sounds of the waking birds. The guides are equipped with binoculars in order to complement this experience with ample bird watching.

At 8:30 a.m. you will go on an educational jungle walk. The guide will introduce you to the wildlife of the Amazon. He will show you plants and describe their uses, as many are edible or medicinal. The paths implemented in exploration walks are constantly changed to avoid damaging the forest with overuse.

In the afternoon, a tour around the lodge is organized to allow guests to experience Juma, built completely upon stilts, from a unique perspective: underneath. This fascinating approach provides insight regarding the construction of Juma and the role of sustainability within the lodge.

After the lodge tour, you and your guide will board a motorboat to fish and learn more about the infamous piranha as well as other Amazonian fishes. Fishing is easier in the dry season as the fish cannot hide in the flooded areas as they tend to do in the wet season.

At 8:00, local guides will give an informal lecture on everyday life in the Amazon, local tales and legends, and the overall culture of the region.

Night at the Juma Lodge.
Included : lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), english speaking guide, room, breakfast, excursion (shared)

Day 8: Manaus - São Luís

At 8:30 a.m., return to Manaus with a stop at the Pirarucu Floating Dock. Afterwards, you will be driven to the airport or at your hotel.

Arrival at São Luís airport and meeting with your Portuguese-speaking driver who will drive you to the hotel.
Included : room & breakfast, shared transport, private transport, transfer arrival

Day 9: São Luís - Barreirinhas - Atins

Your driver will pick you up at the hotel or airport in São Luís to go straight to Barreirinhas.

You will take a small motorboat to go from Barreirinhas to Atins on the Preguiças River. After a quick stop at the “pequenos Lençóis” (a smaller version of the Lençóis Maranhenses Park), you will go up the Mandacaru lighthouse to enjoy a panoramic view of the region. The trip will continue by crossing mangroves to reach Caburé (shoal between the river and the ocean) and towards Atins beach, where the hotel staff will pick you up. n.b: two-hour trip.

Included : private transport, local guide, excursion (private)

Day 10: Atins

Departure at 8h00 from your hotel towards the Lençóis Maranhenses Park. After a short 4WD ride to Canto do Atins, you will walk approximately 50 minutes between sand dunes and lagoons and eventually reach the Lagoa Verde. After enjoying a refreshing bath, your driver will take you to a restaurant where you will taste the famous shrimps of Dona Luiza.

Return to Atins around 18h30.
Included : local guide, private transport, excursion (private)

Day 11: Atins

Free day to enjoy Atins, its tranquility and heavenly beaches.

Day 12: Atins - Delta of Parnaíba

Departure for a short boat ride to Caburé, where you will take a 4WD to Tutoia and again a motorboat to cross the Delta of Parnaíba.
You will be amazed to see all kinds of birds, monkeys, and caimans.
You will then land at Canárias Island, Poldros Island or at Tatus Harbor depending on the hotel.
Included : private transport, excursion (private)

Day 13: Delta of Parnaíba

Departure for a four-hour excursion on the Parnaíba River. You will make a stop for a crab fishing demonstration and visit the Baia do Cajú, the Canárias island dunes, and the Morro do Meio.
At sunset, you will see the magic scarlet ibis flight to a Delta Island they reach for the night.
Ride back to the hotel.
Included : local guide, excursion (private)

Day 14: Delta of Parnaíba - Jericoacoara

Departure in the morning towards Camocim, your first stop.
You´ll cross the Coreau river by barge before entering the Jericoacoara National Park, where the dunes begin.
Second stop: Tatajuba village and the Lagoa da Torta, where you will have lunch.
Then you will enter the mangrove before crossing another river. Only then, you will see the little village of Jericoacoara.
Arrival at the pousada.
Included : private transport, excursion (private)

Day 15: Jericoacoara

Free day to enjoy the atmosphere of Jericoacoara and its beaches. You will walk barefoot through the village alleys, where all kinds of restaurants can be found, and enjoy the incredible sunset on the closest sand dune to the village.

Day 16: Jericoacoara

Departure at 9h00 for a buggy excursion with a local driver to the Lagoa Azul and the Lagoa do Paraíso.
You will make a stop at the Pedra Furada (holed stone) and the Árvore da Preguiça (laziness tree) to take some pictures.
You will then follow to the lagoons to swim and enjoy the hammocks. Lunch (not included) in one of the Lagoa do Paraíso little restaurants.
Ride back to Jericoacoara in the afternoon.

Included : local guide, private transport, excursion (private)

Day 17: Jericoacoara - Fortaleza

Transfer to Fortaleza airport, or to your hotel in Fortaleza (depending on your flight), by the road.
Included : private transport, transfer departure

3 days and 2 nights at the Juma Lodge***   Manaus

Level : 3*
Included : room & breakfast, lunch (no drinks), dinner (no drinks), excursion (shared), local english-speaking guide

At 3 hours’ by boat from Manaus, the lodge, located on the shore of Lake Juma, is composed of 20 bungalows with river view or forest view. The lodge is completely surrounded by the rainforest, which offers a unique experience and an ideal starting point to explore the secrets of the Amazon.

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