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Chapada Diamantina

Lençóis - Chapada Diamantina Marimbus - Chapada Diamantina Chapada Diamantina Chapada Diamantina

The Chapada Diamantina region is a paradise for nature lovers. Lençóis, the biggest colonial town of the Chapada, became famous when in the XIXth century diamond prospectors rushed there hoping to get rich. For those looking for exercise, there are multi-day hikes in the Pati valley starting from the Capão valley. There are also single day excursions departing from Lençóis, Capão, Mucugê, Andaraí and Igatu. The Chapada rock formations remind us of the Far West, its waterfalls (Cachoeira da Fumaça, Cachoeria do Sossego...) and its blue subterranean lagoon (the Poço Azul) are an invitation for adventure. From the beginning of the XXth century and the creation of the National Park of Chapada Diamantina, the region has turned to ecotourism. The Chapada is an original stop which shows once again Brazil from another perspective.


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