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Amazon rainforest - Belém, Marajó and Manaus

Marajó Island pottery Buffalo - Marajó Amazon rainforest monkey Meeting of Waters River beach Giant water lily Amazon rainforest

Have you ever dreamt about navigating on the Amazon river, feeling the tropical humidity, and observing wild animals on their natural habitat? The legendary pink dolphin, the world biggest rodent, the howler monkey, the caiman… All of them are part of the Amazon rainforest fauna. The amazon rainforest covers a 7 million square kilometer area that 20 million people call home. There are 3 types of forest: the virgin forest, the secondary forest (re-grown forest areas) and the flooded forest. Though this region is specially known for its exuberant rainforest, the Amazonian cities of Manaus (capital of the Amazon state) and Belém (capital of the Pará state) will surprise you by their unique food and architecture inherited from the rubber era. Last but not least: Marajó Island, the world biggest island famous for the domesticated buffalos and its ceramics, and Alter do Chão, known for its river beaches. Both destinations can be reached from Belém.


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